Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine

Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine

The most entertaining Comedy Stage Hypnotist in the USA

Hiring a Hypnotist is a very daunting task. With so very many Hypnotists out there, how does an event planner decide? What makes one Hypnotist more desirable than the other? Why does the cost vary so much?

Hopefully I can help you sort it all out:

  • -Many Hypnotists today are carbon copies of the person who trained them. Quite often they are given a few days training and go off into the performing world. They are ill prepared and their lackluster performance sours the event planner on utilizing a Hypnotist in the future.
  • -My many years of performing throughout the USA for corporations such as AFLAC and Six Flags speaks for itself. Isn't this the type of success you want to share with your audience?

What sets Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine apart from other performers?

  • -Michael has performed throughout the USA in every type of venue: Fairs, Festivals, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Amusement Parks, High Schools, Colleges, Sober Prom and Grad nights.
  • -Is currently wrapping up his 25 year career in NY State Law Enforcement at the rank of Lieutenant. Do you know the history of other performers out there? What do you want to expose your audience to? The liability to your event?
  • -All inclusive pricing. No additional fees for travel, lodging, etc... You pay the quoted fee.
  • -Has earned the reputation of being the most accommodating and easiest Hypnotist to work with.

Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine - the solution to your Hypnotic entertainment needs! Because your audience deserves the very best!